A crown is used to restore a tooth when the remaining tooth structure isn’t strong enough to support a filling.  We utilize Cerec technology for most crowns so they are entirely tooth colored and completed in a single appointment.  A bridge is utilized to replace missing teeth.  It looks like multiple teeth but is a single unit that is supported by the teeth adjacent to the missing ones.

A crown, aka a “cap”, is a term used for when we cover the entire tooth.  We basically remove the weak parts of the tooth which shrinks the prepared tooth in size and the crown restores it to it’s natural shape and size.  Over time various materials have been used such as gold, other metals, porcelain, and a combination of those.  Today 90% of the crowns made are completely porcelain and tooth colored.

A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth.  A bridge covers the teeth (like a crown) adjacent to the missing teeth but has other teeth attached to fill in the missing space.  So a bridge is one piece but made to look like 3 or more teeth.